You know you need a coach if:

You want to be better at what you love to do.
You want to be a better YOU.

So, choose a plan:

1. Introductory Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching session will deepen your understanding of how you lead and why others respond the way they do. Also included is the power-packed EverythingDiSC® behavioral style assessment with a detailed 20-page profile report. This one hour session will let you taste the power of having an agenda-free coach who assists you in finding solutions and clarity. If further coaching is desired, cost of this session will be applied to future fees.

2. The Leadership Assessment Package 

This is five one-hour sessions that will take the mystery and guess work out of your leadership. You will gain confidence and personal satisfaction as you understand better who you are, why you do what you do, and why others respond the way they do.

This package includes four assessments that answer:

-What’s unique about your leadership style

-Where you fit 

-Why you care

-What difference you make

3. A Three-Month Leadership Coaching Package to address a specific goal

Focus on the clarification of your professional aspirations or a specific, immediate challenge. Construct a plan that will lead you to the realization of those aspirations and/or meet the challenge with gusto and success.

Three one-hour coaching sessions each month for three months, including assessment tools as needed, plus email support. Because the benefits of coaching build over time, three months will give you time to process new awareness and information, and implement new behaviors that bring better outcomes.

Results you can count on:

-Clarification of your situation

-Better understanding of who you are and what you want


-Increased motivation

-Renewed passion for your mission

Contact us indicating interest in leadership coaching.

We will respond quickly and be happy to work with you.