Reveal Your REAL Leadership Style

Bourland Consulting is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC® learning tools and behavioral assessments.

These easy to use, easy to understand, practical assessments give you:
– deeper understanding of how you lead
– clarity around your leadership strengths and challenges
– specific clues why others respond the way they do to your leadership
– ways to relate more positively to the different behavioral styles of your team
– a clear understanding of how you can best contribute to fulfilling your mission.

EverythingDiSC® will help you create a culture of coaching that values each staff member, volunteer, and Board member and helps each one understand their unique and significant contribution to the fulfillment of the mission.

These tools are powerful and practical for individual use or for a group of any number.
Each assessment generates a 20-page personalized profile report.

With the help of a seasoned facilitator, your organization will experience new motivation from a DiSC® workshop.

Contact us to find out more information about this powerful tool and how to use it to strengthen leadership within your organization.

Click here for a sample report that will give you invaluable information about the needs of your staff and/or volunteers or Board members.