About Us

Norma Bourland, Owner

Norma Bourland is seasoned and insightful when it comes to leadership development. She is an expert at helping nonprofit leaders discover or re-discover their passion for their mission. With Norma, you can be sure that your passion produces results.

Norma Bourland honors individual behavior styles and knows how to bring out the best in people by creating a motivational environment and a  culture of coaching where every member of a team performs at their highest level.

Norma walks you down an efficient path to get results for your organization. She provides consulting and coaching that is customized for the unique needs of your organization — beginning with effective executive leadership.

Norma brings her expertise and engaging style to forward-thinking organizations who believe in protecting our most vulnerable citizens through systemic social change. She is a passionate voice for social justice and understands the connection between good public policy, effective non-profit service delivery and strong leadership.

A graduate of the University of Texas in El Paso, focused on sociology and education, she has had varied leadership experience in both non profit and for profit arenas. Norma is a Certified Leadership Coach, an EverythingDiSC® Authorized Partner, a  Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Authorized Partner, and a Certified Stephens Minister. She has a successful career in team building and program development, and knows how to lead from a mission driven, values base.

“I believe that you are significant and deserve to be noticed, heard, and encouraged. I believe in the power and significance of passion-driven work. I believe we are all connected and affect one another.”- Norma Bourland

Norma is an ENFP on the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, a Steadiness/Inspirational on the DiSC® and her Strength Finders descriptors are Connectedness, Adaptability, Positivity, Developer and Strategic.

"When my project needed strategic direction in fundraising, the first name that came up was Norma Bourland. She helped us clarify our mission, develop our constituency, and set up a plan for raising the resources we needed to reach our dream.  Norma's skillful consulting support was key in our success."

 –Jon McDuffie, Director, Minneapolis, MN

"Norma has provided exceptional advising and coaching for me over the past 3 years of unprecedented growth in my organization. Her ability to laser focus on the truly important issues has given us the strategic clarity we needed to reach our goals.  Norma is extremely engaging in her approach and a complete pleasure to work with. I unequivocally recommend Norma Bourland."

 –L. Clausen, Executive Director, Minneapolis, MN